Whether you want a simple speaker installation or a grand plan for your whole house and/or business, we can work within your budget. We will gladly meet with you at no cost to determine what suits you best and create a timeline to meet your immediate needs as well as long-term plans.

Home Theater
  • A home theater system gives you full 360-degree sound in any room you choose. From 5.1 to 7.1 and low profile to full profile speakers you can create the sound you desire. We will make sure that you do not see any of those ugly wires in your media room design

Security System
  • A security system allows you to view your home and/or business with clarity and simplicity anywhere you may be, using the Internet. We offer a large variety of cameras from 480 lines of resolution to cameras that pan tilt zoom up to three block away with night vision, of course. We will install cameras where you see fit and program your DVR so that you can view your house wherever you are.

Automation System
  • An automation system will give you the ability to control your audio from anywhere in your house. With one touch control keypads you can control anything from iPods, Radio, Media servers or TV sound from any room you desire whether it be inside or outside.
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Media Room Design Services

  • An intercom allows you to communicate with each other throughout the house, answer the front door without having to open your home up to strangers, or to give gate access without having to leave the security of your own home.

Pre Wire for New & Existing Home
  • Pre wire for new homes will give you the flexibility to install speakers, keypads and equipment where you see fit according to your needs.
  • Wiring for existing homes includes running wire to locations in the home that are accessible. Keep in mind there could be patchwork needed depending on where you would like to run your wire.

Flat TV Installation
  • Whether you would like your TV mounted on the wall, above your fireplace or simply on the stand, we will make sure you will not see any wires.

Outdoor Set Up
  • An outside set up can range anywhere from complete surround sound with HD TV to a few speakers to enjoy the outdoors. We offer a large variety of speakers that include rock speaker, patio speaker, pot plant speakers, and under water speakers so you always hear your music.

Custom Media Room
  • Do you have an extra room? We can turn that room into your own movie theater that is dedicated just for you to give you the same experience but without the hassle of getting out of the house. While we specialize in home theater wiring, we can also design and build your own theater by sound proofing the walls, black out windows and much more to maximize quality of picture and sound.

One Touch Remote
  • This will give you the capability to control your whole system with one remote. We will program your remote to control the right devices with one touch without having to find other remotes.